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Making Government Work Better

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“People rightly expect limited, competent government that spends within its means and is accountable to those who are paying the bills—the taxpayers.  And they deserve no less.”

Losing faith in the federal government
From the slow distribution of H1N1 vaccines in 2009 to the flawed math on the “stimulus” job data, it seems that the federal government isn’t living up to its responsibilities.  As a result, the American people are losing faith in the federal government.  This is not necessarily a reflection on every federal worker.  There are many dedicated, hard-working public servants.  Others are less so.  The reality is that government fails because too many of the processes, including the hiring and firing practices, were created in another age and are full of  red tape.  

Government should deliver, Americans expect and deserve no less
I am honored to represent an area where hard work and doing a job right are a way of life.  In our part of the country people are, by choice, less likely to depend on the government and more likely to rely on family, neighbors, or local organization when we need help.  But that doesn't change the fact that when we need something from the government, we expect it to deliver.  All too often, despite the billions of our tax dollars it collects, government just isn't getting the job done. 

We Should Not Accept Mediocrity, We Can Do Better
To get the best results from government we need to attract and keep top quality workers—  those willing to work hard and to do a job right.  We also need to be able to get rid of government employees who are not giving full value to their employers -- the American taxpayers. 

To end the partisan gridlock in Washington and actually accomplish change someone has to put new ideas on the table and challenge the conventional wisdom.  That is the reason I have been working on a bill to put the federal civil service system on the right track to improve itself, and in turn, improve service to the American public.  The bill takes a strategic and comprehensive approach to reform by creating a commission of experts to examine our civil service system and focus on common-sense reforms.  We need to implement a comprehensive plan to improve our country’s civil service to ensure the taxpayers receive the highest quality service available.  Americans deserve no less.

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