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Health Care Reform

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A Better Way for Health Care

Obamacare has grown more unpopular since it was passed, and everyone with health insurance has felt the impact of increasing premiums, usually for less coverage. I have voted many times to repeal Obamacare, which, unfortunately, has not yet been signed into law. "A Better Way" for health care details what House Republicans would put in its place.

Without the mandates imposed by Obamacare, this plan protects those with pre-existing conditions and includes several provisions to lower premiums. It restores consumer choice so health care decisions can be made by doctors and patients rather than bureaucrats. It strengthens Medicare by restoring the money that Obamacare took away, gives the states more say on Medicaid, and accelerates the development of life-saving devices and therapies.

Here is an overview of the plan:

     You can read the full health care task force report here.

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