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Conservatives and Our Government

Conservatives and Our Government

On a practical day-to-day level, this issue of whether or not it is government’s role to right a particular wrong presents one of the greatest challenges to conservatives in government. We often have a strong view of right and wrong. It is hard to walk away from a clear wrong. But we must have the discipline to do so – or at least allow government to turn its head – rather than push government into roles and situations not authorized by the Declaration and the Constitution.

We trust more in markets – in a million small decisions by ordinary Americans – rather than in big comprehensive government making one big decision for us all. Knowing that individuals are flawed, we would still put our nation’s fate in the collective judgment of millions of Americans looking after themselves and their families and their neighbors.

We know that prosperity comes from the private sector, not from government.

We know that security comes from strength, not from weakness.

We want government to support essential institutions, like the family, and do things we cannot do for ourselves, like defend the country.

And what government does do, it should do well and efficiently.  

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