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Local and State Resources

Here is some helpful information, guidance, and resources for Texans.

Medicaid and Other State Services

  • States are eligible for a 6.2 percentage point increase in their Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP)
    • They have to provide coverage of COVID-19 testing without cost sharing and meet other criteria, such as not imposing more stringent eligibility standards or additional premiums
  • States can cover tests for uninsured people through their Medicaid programs and receive a 100% FMAP to cover the cost
    • Medicaid funding for U.S. territories has been increased

Below are additional links with helpful information, guidance, and resources for Texans

Important COVID-19 Information and Resources:


Texas Workforce Commission:

Transportation and Infrastructure:

States, Localities, and Municipalities:

Below are resources that have been expanded for state and local officials to respond to COVID-19.