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Government Overreach

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A Better Way for Government

President-elect Trump will have an opportunity to bring the nation together as we work to confront the enormous challenges that face us, but it must be done within the constitutional framework that the Founding Fathers created.

The democratic process with separate but equal branches is part of what sets America apart and must be preserved for future generations. Our Constitution provides that laws can only be made or changed by Congress – not the president or the courts. If we really want to rein in the size of government so that the people are once again in control, we have to target the real drivers of the government’s growing arrogance – unaccountable bureaucracies, outdated policies, irresponsible spending, and lack of transparency.

“A Better Way” provides an opportunity for all of us to think deeper about our constitutional system and the role of government in our lives. Understanding and studying our nation’s founding documents is fundamental to developing sound policies.

Here are some of the reforms in this plan:

You can read the full task force report here.

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