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A Better Way to Grow Our Economy

One of the top concerns that comes up no matter where I go is all the red tape and regulations that are coming out of Washington. It seems that there is no aspect of our lives that the federal government is not trying to reach into and regulate.

Whether it is the EPA trying to regulate ponds and puddles on private property or the Department of Labor setting a one-size fits all rule for overtime pay, the heavy-handed approach this administration has taken has harmed everyone from small business owners down to the part-time workers. Our plan would eliminate excessive, burdensome regulations while making the rules that we do need more efficient and effective.

The “A Better Way” plan also focuses on policies that will help unleash the full force of our domestic energy sector, hold Wall Street and Washington accountable, stop lawsuit abuse, and much more.

Here is an overview of the plan:

You can read the full economic task force report here.

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