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A Better Way on Immigration

America is a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws.  It is clear that our immigration system is broken and that reform is vital to our country’s national security and economic future.  But a rush to pass immigration reform just for the sake of doing so would be foolish. The House will not address this issue in one massive, comprehensive immigration bill. For any proposal to pass the House, it will have to make America stronger and safer.  And, by taking the time and care to review each issue on its own merits, Congress will be most likely to get each portion right.

There are some who argue that it is not our immigration laws that are broken but that we simply need to enforce the laws on the books.  This is certainly true, but it is through new laws that Congress can and will ensure that our immigration statues are enforced in spite of President Obama's efforts to circumvent them.  Our immigration laws have not been updated since the Secure Fence Act of 2006.  Certainly technology and capabilities have vastly improved since 2006, and the House will lead the way in ensuring that the latest technology is employed at and within our borders.  It will take a new law to accomplish this, but it is absolutely necessary.    

I object to blanket amnesty.  We do have to decide how to deal with the 10 to 12 million people who are already in the U.S. illegally in a way that makes sense.

The safety of our nation is dependent upon us doing a better job of controlling who and what crosses our borders.  Unfortunately, the situation at our borders has deteriorated to a dangerous level with much violence. 

I believe that we should have a way for people to come to this country legally in order to work.  But I have real concerns if we reward those who have violated our laws at the expense of those who have waited patiently in their home country and tried to follow our laws.

“A Better Way” on national security includes proposals on border security and immigration, as well as intelligence and information sharing.

Here is an overview of the plan:

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