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Following the attacks of September 11th, 2001, we learned that ungoverned or poorly-governed nations can become safe havens for terrorists to plan and operate attacks against our homeland and interests abroad. That was the case in Afghanistan. 

Afghanistan remains important to the safety and security of America and our allies. It is critically important that no one doubts our resolve and determination to succeed in this mission. Doubts only increase the danger to our troops and make it more difficult for them to gain the cooperation they need. I believe if you are going to send troops to do a mission, then you back up those troops and what the commander requests 100 percent. 

However, we might as well withdraw all of our military in 2014 if President Obama decides to strap our mission by leaving only a few thousand troops there. It's nearly worse to leave with too small a presence that endangers our people, than to get everybody out. If people know you're not serious about staying there, and standing up for them, then they've got to cut deals because the bad guys are staying. I worry about the Iraq precedent, because we left too soon and we are feeling some of the consequences, and I am afraid we'll feel more.

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