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The safety of individual Americans and the security of our nation depend on intelligence – the gathering, distributing, analyzing, and acting on information.  

Intelligence is the backbone of U.S. national security.  No matter how many fighter jets, stealth bombers, combat ships, or infantry units the U.S. has, we will not be able to succeed if we don’t have accurate, near real-time intelligence.  

While America does have some unique assets and technological capabilities, the real heavy lifting is done by a workforce of intelligence professionals.  

In an ever more complex, rapidly changing world, the threats to the United States and our interests can change and change rapidly. While new threats, like cyber emerge, many old ones, like terrorism, do not go away. Keeping up with this accelerating pace of change is one of our key challenges.

Geography matters less as technology evolves, yet we must have awareness of developments in every part of the globe. With limited resources, providing global coverage will test our best minds.

Too many of our intelligence laws have not kept up with current challenges and capabilities. Updating our laws with the flexibility, the intelligence community needs while also having appropriate independent oversight is a necessity.

Leaks are a major problem that threaten our ability to defend ourselves. They must stop.