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THORNBERRY: Budget and Debt Ceiling Bill Doesn't Address Key Issues

Sees Opportunity Ahead for Real, Commonsense Solutions

Washington, October 16, 2013
Washington, DC -- Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) made the following comments before a vote on the Senate's budget and debt ceiling bill:

"Tonight, I plan to vote against the Senate's bill that funds the government until January 15 and increases the debt limit until February 7.

The last two weeks were unfortunate and unnecessary.  During this time, the House has attempted to negotiate in good faith, even going so far to pass targeted bills to keep essential parts of the government open.  The Senate  proposal does not address the problems that brought us to this point – out of control government spending and the massive expansion in government taking place, including Obamacare.  It merely pushes the same issues back a few months.

The coming budget conference offers us an opportunity to make spending decisions that put us on a financially sustainable path, and I will continue to work for a better outcome.

Well-intentioned people with differing views can usually come to an agreement that may not satisfy either fully but still represents progress. The American people should have a government that functions better than this one has over the last few weeks."