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Thornberry Statement on GTMO Transfers: "The American People are Right to be Concerned"

Washington, January 15, 2015 | Alison Lynn (202-225-3706)
Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, made the following statement on the latest transfer of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay:

"Once again the President is releasing terrorists into the world with little regard to the likelihood that they will re-enter the fight, or for the risk to our forces already in harm’s way.  The Administration may claim that safeguards are in place or that the track record of re-engagement is negligible; but those of us who read intelligence reports regularly have reason to be skeptical.  Let me be clear, these GTMO detainees put Americans at risk, and the American people are right to be concerned.  
"Action is needed to return sanity to this process. Senator Ayotte’s recent proposal is worthy of careful consideration.  The status quo of cutting terrorists loose with little assurance that they will not take up arms or plot and plan against us is more than foolish -- it’s dangerous. The President’s actions increase the risk to both our military and Americans everywhere."