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House passes tax bill before the end of the year

Washington, December 20, 2018
Tags: Taxes
December 20, 2018 (202) 225-3706
House passes tax bill before the end of the year

WASHINGTON- The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 88, the “Retirement, Savings, and Other Tax Relief Act.” This bill passed the House by a vote of XXX to XXX.

“It is important that we continue to work on legislation that brings relief to hardworking Americans. Last year, we took a step in reforming our tax code by passing tax reform. Earlier this year, the House passed tax reform 2.0. Now, we are taking a third step to continue to help our economy thrive,” Thornberry said. “With our progress on tax reform, we have seen a lot of growth in our economy, Americans keeping more of the money they earn, and jobs being created.”


  • Includes special tax relief benefits forindividuals and businesses affected by recent natural disasters;
  • Helps businesses provide retirement plans for their workers and helps families to start saving earlier;
  • Makes key technical corrections to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act;
  • Further delays several Obamacare taxes, including the medical device tax and health insurer tax;
  • Makes the railroad track maintenance credit permanent; and
  • Updates the IRS and makes taxpayer service the focus of the agency.