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Thornberry on "net neutrality" bill

Washington, April 10, 2019
Thornberry on "net neutrality" bill
WASHINGTON- This week, the House voted on another messaging bill with no chance to become law.The bill grants the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) undefined powers to regulate the Internet and broadband service providers.

“The term ‘net neutrality’ is misused. Most of us believe in a free and open Internet. But under the label of ‘net neutrality’ in 2015, the Obama-Era FCC imposed additional and unnecessary regulations on Internet Service Providers (ISPs),” said Thornberry. “Those burdensome regulations, among other things, made it less likely for isolated parts of the country, such as rural areas, to benefit from faster Internet service. I support bipartisan legislation that prevents the throttling and blocking of Internet services, but I oppose reducing access to the Internet for those outside of major cities.”

Provisions from the Democrat “net neutrality” bill:

  • Gives the FCC unchecked and vague authority to regulate the Internet;
  • Restores the Obama-era general-conduct standard which gives the FCC authority to prevent any practice by an ISP if they “unreasonably disadvantage” an Internet user, application, or content provider; and
  • Does not address concerns over the harmful and illicit behavior online by bad actors.