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Thornberry on pre-existing conditions messaging bill

Washington, May 9, 2019
Thornberry on pre-existing conditions messaging bill
WASHINGTON- Today, the House voted on another messaging bill, this time on healthcare. U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) release the following statement:

“Another week, another Democrat messaging bill, more time wasted on partisan politics. This bill claims to protect citizens with preexisting conditions; however, the law and the regulations already explicitly prevent such discrimination. ‘Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’ (William Shakespeare, McBeth, Act 5, Scene 5.)"

From the Department of Health and Human Services:

To be very clear, the 2018 guidance does nothing to erode the PPACA's pre-existing condition Provisions, which cannot be waived under section 1332. Section 1332 does not permit states to waive Public Health Service Act requirements such as guaranteed availability and renewability of health insurance, the prohibition on using health status to vary premiums, and the prohibition on pre-existing conditions exclusions. Furthermore, a section 1332 waiver cannot be approved that might otherwise undermine these requirements. This Administration stands committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions.