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U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry

Dear Friends,

Today, I voted for and the House passed the “American Health Care Act” (AHCA) which repeals and replaces much of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” also known as Obamacare. I also voted for another bill, H.R. 2192, that ensures that provisions in the AHCA apply to Members of Congress and congressional staff.

In order to pass the Senate, this bill was considered under a special procedure that directly affects spending and revenue. Additional legislation will repeal and replace other portions of Obamacare and the new Administration will change many of the regulations associated with Obamacare.

The bill that the House passed does not reduce or change in any way current Medicare benefits. The bill will increase Medicare payments to hospitals that serve a higher than average percentage of uninsured patients. However, health coverage benefits to Medicare beneficiaries are not altered.

The bill repeals the Obamacare taxes, subsidies, and mandates. This includes the individual and employer mandates, the additional 0.9 percent Medicare payroll tax on high-income earners, along with the taxes imposed on medical devices, health insurers, and prescription drugs, among others. It also places a one-year moratorium on government funding for Planned Parenthood.

I believe that Obamacare has caused enormous problems for the American health care system. It is important that it be replaced with an approach that puts more decisions in the hands of patients and their health care professionals. The AHCA is a big step in this direction.  

I hope you will watch my video message about this important issue by clicking the image below.

You can read more about the AHCA and its current status on my website at https://thornberry.house.gov/healthcare.

If you have questions about this issue or others please contact me by phone, letter, e-mail, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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