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U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry

Dear Friends,
Today the new Congress was sworn into office and is ready to “hit the ground running.”  I am excited about the opportunities that it and the new Administration will have to do good things for the country once the new President is inaugurated on January 20.
First on the agenda will be regulations.  The last years of the Obama Administration saw a blizzard of regulations that killed jobs and added burdens to every sized business.  Congress will act to repeal or correct some of the most burdensome regulations, and we will push legislation that requires all major regulations, defined as having more than a $100 million effect on the economy, to be approved by Congress before they can be implemented.
Second is Obamacare.  Portions of Obamacare can be repealed with a majority vote in the Senate rather than the 60 votes often required.  House Republicans issued specific health care reform proposals last spring as part of our “A Better Way” plan.  These proposals will serve as the starting point for the new approach to health care.  Working with the new Administration, which has a lot of discretion on the details of Obamacare, we will repeal the failing scheme and transition to a commonsense health care plan that will serve patients, providers, and the country as a whole much better.   
Towards summer, tax reform will take center stage.  There is much agreement on the damage being done to our economy and to job creation by both the individual and corporate tax systems.  Again, House Republicans issued a specific tax reform plan as part of “A Better Way” with lower rates and a simpler tax code.  It is very similar to proposals made by President-elect Trump.
In addition to these important domestic proposals, at the top of my agenda is working with the new Administration to rebuild our military.  We can never forget that it is the men and women who volunteer to defend our country that make our way of life possible.  We have cut the military too much in recent years and the effects are evident.  We cannot fix things in a year or even two, but we can – and we must – begin to rebuild and give those who serve the support they deserve. 
There are two important points to keep in mind.  Each of these items will be opposed.  Virtually all legislation can pass the House with a majority vote, and some appointments and legislation can also pass the Senate with a majority vote.  But others require 60 votes for passage in the Senate. Opponents there will try to prevent bills from reaching President Trump’s desk.
In addition, it is important to remember that the consequences of the last eight years cannot be reversed overnight.  It will take time, and we cannot “make the perfect the enemy of the good.” But we have an amazing opportunity to strengthen the country at home as well as our position in the world, and we have to make the most of it.
I invite you to learn more about this issue and others by visiting my website here. Have a question you would like answered? Please contact me by phone, letter, e-mail,on Facebook, or on Twitter.
As always, I appreciate hearing from you.
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